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Hire us to fix your chimney.

A properly constructed and properly flashed chimney is an essential part of keeping your home watertight. At Fick Bros. Roofing & Exterior Remodeling Company, we can inspect and evaluate your chimney to determine if it needs maintenance or repairs.

Our experienced masons have the skill needed to either repoint and/or rebuild your chimney during the chimney repair process. We can also design a custom-fitted copper or stainless steel cover and flue caps to protect your chimney for many years to come.

We know how important it is to regularly schedule roof and exterior home maintenance. We also understand that as a busy homeowner, you may put these tasks on the backburner. Our chimney repair team is able to identify problems in the chimney construction, such as a deteriorated crown, running cracks in the mortar joints, spalled bricks, etc. A chimney that suffers years of moisture infiltration can often result in a large, expensive rebuild project. Therefore, it’s critical to find and repair masonry issues and avoid unwanted surprises.

What can you expect when you hire us for chimney repair? For starters, we will arrive at your home on time, ready to tackle the issue. We will set up safe access to the chimney, which often involves erecting scaffolding. We’ll remove the failing areas of masonry until we find sound, stable masonry and then perform a full inspection of your chimney to identify any additional issues. After that, we’ll get right to work taking care of the repair by reinstalling or reconstructing the chimney’s brick or stone.

Our goal is to provide unparalleled customer service and workmanship when you turn to us for chimney repair and other exterior repair services in the Baltimore, Maryland area. To get a quote for chimney repair or schedule an appointment with us, contact us today.

Chimney Repair Baltimore MD

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