Training Center

Training Center

Our in-house employee training center is the only one of its kind in the Baltimore metropolitan area.

Training Center

How does our employee training center benefit you, the homeowner?

  • Our employees train in our center, not on your home.
  • We use consistent, high-quality installation methods.
  • Highly trained and efficient craftsmen mean more economical projects for homeowners.
  • We achieve longer-lasting roofs and exterior remodeling projects.
  • Our customers get better-looking roofs and exterior remodeling projects.
  • We offer better cost-per-year value.
  • Unnecessary repair costs are avoided.
  • Customers get peace of mind in both short and long term.

In addition to manufacturers’ training, our in-house employee training center is the key to producing highly skilled, professional installers. Consistent, high-quality installation methods mean every job has the same quality workmanship. This results in a superior finished product that looks better and lasts longer. A project that is built to the manufacturers’ warranty requirements gives you better value, saves you money, and gives you peace of mind.

Fick Bros. Roofing & Exterior Remodeling Company guarantees consistent quality installations. We invest regularly in employee training at all levels. Our estimators are trained to quote the right job specifications for your particular situation and make it easy for you to buy a home improvement project by providing complete information in a systematic fashion. The job is then installed by our skilled professionals and inspected by our senior staff.

During conversations with homeowners, we ask how they heard about us, what they know about us, and after the job is done, why they selected us over the competition. The number-one reason we hear is “your reputation for quality workmanship”. Other feedback we get most frequently is:

  • “The job site was organized, and the crew seemed to know what they were doing.”
  • “Safety and property protection look like priorities.”
  • “Everything just looked more professional than other companies we’ve seen in the area.”
  • “You educated us on proper installation.”
  • “Your roofs just look better than other roofs.”


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